Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Day So Far...

....Has been great! Eric got home from Oregon last night. I was so relieved he made it safe and had a good time (though not too good of a time, without me, of course :P ). When he walked through the door my first thought was "wow he is a big person". Not fat, just a big guy. So that's what I said to him. LOL He said, "so I look fatter?". I said "no, you look like a big person. Consider who I have been interacting with since you have been gone. Hannah is pretty tiny compared to you!!" He laughed.

Today has been a day of laundry..about five loads so far. Shame of me for letting it get that far behind. But I know Eric will probably have about two more loads for me to do once he unpacks all the way.

Today has been a day of smells too. Dog farts, old broccoli. Yeah not pleasant. I noticed right off this morning that my kitchen had a really funky smell. After examining Hannah's diaper a few times I start sniffing around my kitchen. Fridge: clean. Sink: clean. Pantry: nothing unusual, and clean. My kitchen is clean. Where is this smell coming from? Finally it dawned on me to open the garbage cupboard. Suddenly I remembered the old broccoli I threw out while cleaning the fridge. Yeah...Nasty stuff. Took out the trash and sprayed the can and cupboard with Lysol much to my relief it smells normal again.

Next I walked into the dog room, Hannah trailing not far behind. Even before I could comment she goes "OH my, my, my...that stinks!!". Laughed my butt off and then agreed with her. One of the dogs had gas. Bad. Dog. Farts. Need I say more? Well, yeah i do. LOL. I took a look at both the dogs, my shepherd, Foenix, was anxiously waiting by the gate. My training dog, Cate, a St. Bernard was laying in her kennel nonchalant I assumed it was Foenix and put him outside. Must have been him because I have not smelled it since. Dog-crapping-on-the-carpet crisis averted.

My house smells normal again. Hannah is sleeping and I am having lunch as I type. And I look forward to a nice evening at home with Eric and Hannah.

Now I must go so I can do a training session with Cate. She only has a few days left in the program before she goes home :)