Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meanwhile...At Our House.....

Hannah's in bed now so I thought I would try and come up with some kind of interesting blog entry.  Not sure if this will be interesting.  More realistically this will be, as most of these are, my diary of sorts to put my own thoughts and memories down.

I am 19 and half weeks pregnant now.  That is significant in that on Sunday I will be half way through this pregnancy.  Only 20-22 weeks before we get to meet our new little one and our family will grow by one soul who will be so cherished. 

I had some scary moments again a couple weeks ago when I was at work and started bleeding bright red with clotting.  I was also having some pretty intense cramping and pressure low in my uterus.  It stopped that day, but by that weekend it had resumed (but not as bad) then that Saturday I woke up with a lot of flow and got really scared.  Ok, enough messing around.  I called Niki, my midwife, and my Husband and went to the Dr.

Fast forward to now and I am doing really well. No bleeding and no long contractions.

(...I just looked and I already talked extensively about that with my last we'll be moving on.)

On a sad note I was "let go" on one of my care giving jobs.  I'd really like to say a lot about that, but I know I shouldn't.  Basically since I was gone for two weeks, which is only two shifts on that job, the family wanted to not "disrupt" their Mom with the other caregivers and had already filled my position.  I am glad it wasn't a performance issue, and I am happy to say that I was asked to do another different kind of job with the family.  Not sure how best to describe the position, but kind of like a personal assistant kind of thing.  Frankly it was rather vague.  Whatever it is or was I am NOT interested because I am not a personal assistant, my hours of availability are very limited and I don't think for what they want me to be doing I would be able to get the same number of hours.  I am pretty bummed out because that job gave us the means to put away savings for the time when I have the baby.  So I will be seeking out new employment.  Ok, again, moving on...biting my tongue on this subject.

I think I have said before that this baby is very, very, did I say VERY? Active!!  A few nights ago I was laying in bed and wanted to see if I could feel baby from the outside. Sure enough!  I'm laying in bed in complete darkness laughing because I was shocked-amazed-joyful at feeling the baby kick me very soundly and feel it on the outside.  Eric asked me why I was laughing.  So I told him.  He replied, "hmm."  LOL.  Too sleepy to respond much. But I was having fun, just Baby and I.

Baby is kicking me right now in fact. I guess he/she doesn't want me to forget to talk about him/her.

Hannah is increasingly interested in my belly and talking to it, and rubbing it, and tickling "baby", and she is certain she can hear the baby "trying to get out".  She is really hearing my food digesting, but to her the baby is responding to her questions and comments she shouts into my belly button.  She likes to pat my "fat tummy".  She might even have made it jiggle a few times and made me blush..maybe.

Last night she was saying goodnight to baby and doing her ritual of listening and telling me baby is trying to get out.  She said she could hear Baby kicking and attempting to make a break from the womb.  I said, "What does it sound like."  Thinking she would make some kind of silly sound.  She proceeded to cock one leg back and kick me hard three times in the shin.  "It sounds just like that, Mommy."  I laughed really hard and contemplated kicking her back.  Not really....well maybe for a split second.  It did hurt.  But it was really too funny.  Next time I will have to make sure to ask her what it sounds like and to mimic the noise verbally!!