Sunday, March 4, 2012

Return to Blogging.

So I totally broke my only New Years resolution to blog weekly.  I've broken that x 4 or a little more than that.  It's been more than a month since I last blogged. But I'm back, hopefully, to do my weekly (or more) blog entries.

First off last entry I left you with a promise of a blog entry that I was going to do kinda like a diary.  Well I only got a few days into that and then stopped.  But for good reason.

As many of you know I am pregnant!!  10 weeks today to be exact.  All of those OPK's, vitamins, and most importantly God allowed us to get it just right two and half months ago.  In the past 8 weeks we've had some scary moments.  I started bleeding again and of course my mind immediately assumed another miscarriage.  Odd thing about my feelings though is that, while I cried about the last pregnancy ending so badly, I didn't realize quite how scared I was of it happening again. The moment I saw pink on the toilet paper I burst into tears, nearly having a panic attack.  I called Eric crying so hard that he couldn't even understand me on the phone.  Poor Husband, he thought something horrible had happened to Hannah.

I was at my Dr. office the next day for an ultrasound.  While we didn't see Baby at that point we did see the gestational sac and it looked perfect, measuring exactly right for my ovulation date (which I knew for sure thanks to the OPKs).  My Dr. didn't see any bleeding in the uterus or in the cervix, to which he said that some spotting was common in early pregnancy and that this pregnancy looked very good, blah blah, blah.  He was very optimistic about this time, which he wasn't last time.  They took blood and decided to put me on oral Progesterone because I was on the low end of normal and they were just being cautious.  My blood work has come back very good each time.

I've lost a total of 12 pounds, I give most of that credit to the Metformin I am on.  I have not weight myself in a while again so I'll give it a look in a day or two.  I know I will gain more weight again as the pregnancy progresses but I am excited to see if I an maintain a low weight gain.  I'm not supposed to gain more than 10-15 pounds because of my BMI as it is...we'll see.

So far this pregnancy has gone more smoothly than Hannah's did.  My morning sickness has been minimal, on and off for the first four weeks.  And now it's pretty much gone.  I am not as exhausted with this one as I was with Hannah.  That doesn't mean I am not tired or ever sick, it just means it is better.  I am taking naps with Hannah about 4 days a week, sometimes more.  I ♥ taking naps with her.

It's Sunday, not only does that mean Church, but my other love: The Walking Dead.  We've recorded it and Eric is chomping at the bit to get it started.  He showered which is the ONLY reason it's not on and I have not abandoned this sooner!  TTFN xoxo