Sunday, December 14, 2008

Letting down my "fans" (Yeah right )

Well...I have been avoiding this. Coming to my blog cause Im so guilty of not blogging since the first week in July, its now the second, nearly third week in December. LOL. Five months since I blogged. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this.

Oh boy where to begin. Ok with Hannah, my favorite subject. She is now 10 months old. In my last post I talked about her rolling over. Well the awe of that skill has been replaced by the awe of a whole cast of new and improved, amazingly cute, somewhat useful--Kid Tricks!! Yes, I did say "kid tricks". That is not a typo, because at this point her newest things such as Pat-a-cake (adorable), and How Big is Hannah? (complete with her dramatically sighing as she raises her chubby arms above her head) are not so useful, but cute little things she does on "command" LOL.

I try. I really really do. I try not to train her like a dog. I try not to tell her to do things like a dog. I try really hard not to reward her like a dog, especially with food. I really really try. Are you convinced? Well its true. And in the end, saying "No" to her like a command (well, isn't it a command?) and telling her what a good girl she is tells me that Im doing the right thing with her. Eric and I give consistent rewards and use distraction techniques to teach her not to eat pine needles off the floor or to listen when we tell her the dog water is not a wading pool.

Hannah is crawling like a champ, cruising about the furniture, and playing with the animals. She can share her food, feed herself a whole meal. Drink from a sippy cup, fetch her own pacifier and apply it thusly. She can wave hello and good-bye, and even whistle :D. She plays in the bathtub and tries to play in the toilets. She recognizes a stranger, but makes friends quickly. She has seven, thats right!! seven teeth.

I say all this with happiness. And yet...with a heavy heart because my baby is starting to sound like a kid. That little bundle we brought into the world a mere ten months ago is growing, maturing, learning and changing DAILY. Slow it down a bit Hannah, Mommy needs you to. I'll try to remember the sincerety of that thought the next day I have with her when she is driving me crazy cause she is teething and all she can do is hang on my leg all day and whine/cry and Im wishing away the days.

more later.

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