Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Potty Trainng Hannah now 27 Months Old

Lots of time has gone by since my last post. I guess this will be updates on everything and also some new stuff.

Eric and I are doing really well. Hannah is 27 months old, she is such an angel. Never thought being a parent would be the best thing ever in my life. Of course being a parent requires a good spouse (at least ideally it does). So Eric is also the best thing that ever happened to me as well. Hannah started walking at 14 months. She eats like a horse LOL that kid will eat about anything. She LOVES cucumbers, most veggies and also is quite the carnivore.

Her allergies that she was plagued with as an infant are pretty much gone. She is an active, and very intelligent child. And for her age is exceptionally social and well spoken. She strikes up full conversations with people at the bank and grocery stores regularly.

Hannah *LOVES* babies. When shopping twice last week she saw babies, or heard them. She announces their presence gleefully. We were in the Bakery section of Fred Meyer a couple weeks ago, and there was this 8 month old baby girl in there. Hannah pointed her out quite loudly and the Mom looked over and smiled.

Hannah looked at me and said: "Can I pet 'em?". She was completely serious. I burst your laughing. The other Mom asked me what she said and I told her, she giggled too. Then she says "I don't see why she couldn't "pet" her. LOL

So Hannah got to pet the baby. She now asks me to "pet" every baby in the store. That includes kids her own age.

We have been dabbling in potty training (house breaking? lol) for quite some time now. Her first time going potty in the potty chair was before she was two. She peed. Since then she has gone potty several times but I have tried not to push the issue. A few months ago she pooped in the potty chair, it freaked her out for some reason. (she has seen me go and her dad go but it seemed to have traumatized her quite a bit) She stopped even wanting to sit on the potty seat for well over a month after that.

She has started wanting to pee outside on the I am using that to give her the idea of telling me when she wants to go. So far so good.

Since yesterday she has gone potty, either poop or pee four times. So today I put her itty bitty panties (so cute!) on her and we are having a diaper-free day. She is napping as I type this with diaper on though. So far she has peed in her panties twice today.....However the good thing is that the second time she came and told me that she had to go. Albeit after she had gone some and also started to poop..yuck..LOL

I told her how proud of her I was, as I ushered her to the bathroom PRONTO! I took her soiled panties off and she sat on the chair and went poop some more and even squeezed out a few drops of pee. My good girl :)

She is trying so hard. I am so incredibly proud of her.

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