Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm a sicko...

Ok the title is a little off-putting. But, really I am sick and so is Hannah. In fact, being sick has given me some time to write this post, so who says being sick is all that bad? Kidding, of course. Hannah started in with some heavy, snotty congestion, a little fussy and very sleepy. I started getting sick the day after she did. I have a bad sore throat and just plain feel crummy. I've been worried that she would start getting what I have. Seems we have different colds, but to be honest I'm not sure. Since she cannot tell me where she feels bad it's hard to know exactly what her symptoms are except the obvious.

Except for feeling like I do things have been going great. I had such a wonderful time with my sister here. I was sad to drop her off for her flight home, she made is safe and I've spoken with her several times since then. And...I need to tell her 'sorry' that I have not sent her the pics of us I promised to get 'right to her'. I have not had the time or energy to do it...but I guess I could be doing it right now. Hmmmm.... Maybe tomorrow I'll do it, my famous last words. LOL.

Hannah continues to amaze me everyday. Her development is so incredible, and I have to brag that she is very, very smart. Ok, so every mother says that, I think somewhere in my "How to be a Typical Mom" book it says that you have to believe your child is the smartest. So far I'm right where my book says I should be. If you are wondering the book is fictional, you know what they say? Yes, parenting is sans handbook. But anyway, our daughter is doing everything early according to the development time lines I read. She's just over three months old and can sit with some balance support, hold her head up easily, reaches and grabs for toys, she can laugh out loud too. Most of these things she's been doing for several weeks already. She just started reaching and holding toys for the last two weeks though, she's way more fun to play with now because she can interact with the toys more and seems to really enjoy it. Hannah is also a chatterbox-- always making some kind of noise. It's so cute. She talks with the pictures of animals on her swing, she loves the blue elephant and will stare at it and have a chat for several minutes. I'm glad she's too young to notice it does not ever respond...or, and this just came to me, maybe she knows it does not respond but just doesn't give a hoot? Yeah that's it, she's playin' it cool. *snicker*

Being a Mom continues to surprise me. I love it more than I thought I could. I never get tired of her and love our time during the day when it's just us. We have a good routine worked out and I really enjoy her so much. It pretty much goes like this: Wake up at 7-8AM- change diaper, make bottle, she eats, burps then we play for a while. Then I go and get some breakfast and I put her in her swing or chair while I eat. Change diaper. She naps, sometimes I do to. She wakes up, make bottle, eat, burp. We play with toys, or read a book (usually several times because they are such short books), somewhere in there she poops, I changer her and some times I have to change her clothes too. Then she naps a short while, she wakes up and I get some house work done or plan dinner. She comes with me from room to room in her bouncy chair. We play, talk and interact while I do house stuff. Changer diaper. She eats again, burps, naps or sometimes she just sits with me and watches TV. Usually by this time Eric comes home from work and I hand her off to him so I can finish dinner. More play, eat, burp until about 11PM and shes down for the night and it starts over then next day. And it never gets old and I love every minute of it. She changes everyday and I look forward to her first morning noises that let me know she is waking up because I know I will be blessed with another day with my baby.

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