Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Had a Strange Day!!

I'll start at the beginning. That's logical right? I have to ask the question because today was so strange and such a roller coaster I need to ask. LOL :D

First thing at 8AM Eric and I were both up and getting ready to take Foenix to Ringsport Training. I was especially excited because we've not been for over a month due to finances, Foenix having Pano and altogether a really busy schedule!! On Thursday I got a call from the Training Director's wife she talked with Eric first actually, then I called her back. She was, as usual, very nice and was calling to check up and see how we were. I talked with her for a while and then I asked about Eric and I coming to train on Tuesday since we both had the day off. She asked her husband and I heard him say, "yes, but it needs to be early". So we decided that 10AM was the time and it was set....or was it??

I got off the phone and jokingly told Eric that I was not sure if they would remember the conversation, LOL. Such prophetic words...HA! I just had a feeling about it.

After thinking about it I emailed them the next day to confirm the appointment. Not expecting a reply because I've written lots to them without a reply, but they always seem to have gotten the email by the next time I see them. So fast forward to today and we get up to the club and no one is there. Hmmm...we honk, walk around their house and still nothing. So we leave. More about this later in the post.

One thing I did not mention is that on the way to the club we stopped off to get some Cliff Bars and I always get a small carton of milk to drink. It tasted funny to me right off, but I had brushed my teeth a few minutes before so I continued to drink the milk...big mistake!!! When I got down to about two swallows left I suddenly felt 'something' touch my lips and I pulled the carton away to see a big, slimy, gross, thing slap the side of the milk carton. I almost drank this stuff!! Oh-MY-Goodness I was instantly nauseous, Eric looked at me then the carton and didn't know what to do. I could not speak for fear of just puking all over the inside of his car. I finally got to tell him to pull over, and proceeded to empty my guts on to the Subaru dealership pavement. Right next to an Espresso stand-- so I had an audience. Ewww. So that was strike one of the day.

So we met my Mother-in-Law at the office as we were going into have an ultrasound. She was very excited to be there to see her granddaughter. :) Just before going in Eric got a call from the auto-repair shop that had our SUV (the transmission was going out) and the guy tells Eric that the job will cost us $3100.00!! That was above our highest estimate cost and was a shock. So I did what all pregnant women seem to do so well. I had a small emotional breakdown right there. Strike three. Am I out yet? Nope...

So the ultrasound was fun and we found out that my cervix are not dialating early as we thought. ( I had started to have contractions that felt real to me). We got to see our daughter, confirmed the sex. She's a she. We also got to see her feet, face and hands. They are so cute. As of today I'm 30 weeks and 6 days along, and Hannah weighs 3 lbs 10 oz. I could also see that she has my high cheek bones! Her face is pretty cute!! We got some pics of her foot and arms. What cute little feet she has. I'm in love. :sigh:

So after going back to shopping we decided to have dinner out. Then home bound we were. We let the dogs out and I was in the house getting things put away when I brought the dogs back in about 15 minutes later. First Buddy and Zeke came in then Foenix. He was carrying something in his mouth. It looked like a stuffed animal, but there were not stuffed animals in the back yard. Then I realized I just watched him bring in a wild bunny. We have several that live on and around our property. I followed Foenix in time to see him proudly spit it in the middle of the living room. The bunny was still alive, but barely. I burst into tears and started calling for Eric. He came inside with some firewood and was shocked to see the poor little bunny.

I put Foenix in his crate and then we got a laundry basked lined with a towel and Eric gently put the rabbit in it. It was clear that Foenix had shaken the little thing and broke it's back as the hind legs were immobile. It was clearly in shock and was not going to live. I was so sad and still am. I don't blame the dog, he was just doing what nature tells him to do. But I was attached to this bunny and family and was truly saddened by his fate. Strike four. Mr. Bunny died a short time later. :(

Well all in all the day was a roller coaster. I'm emotionally drained and tired. Going to be. Goodnight.

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