Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Reason for this Blog -- Bite Prevention and Training

I just got a comment from an non-family member, which was a pleasant surprise :) I was not sure who, if anyone, other than my family ever reads this. So it got me thinking again about why I started this blog and I'd like to outline my reasons.

First of all I wanted to have an on-going diary of my pregnancy, and now soon to come, my daughter. But my bigger goal was to show people how dogs and children can interact in a home or public in a safe manner. If you care to look at dog bite statistics it is startling how many children are bitten by dogs each year. And even more surprisingly the majority of those bites come from in the home. The family dog is most responsible for bites and attacks on kids. It is all too sad and, in fact, a very preventable problem. What gets to me so much is how this problem is on the rise, not decline. Why is this happening?? So I would like to chronicle the training of all my 3 dogs to be with my children, the ups and downs of this new chapter in all our lives.

As I've explained in my first post, I have three dogs. One Rat Terrier/Basenji mix dog, Buddy, of 18.5 years old, one 6 year old Papillon Zeke (who is slightly spoiled rotten) and one year old Working German Shepherd dog, Foenix. I also mentioned the French Ringsport training I've been doing with him. This training involves teaching the dog to bite a decoy. This is where I would like to dispel some myths regarding canine aggression and having a dog in the home that is taught when and where to bite. Most pet dogs are taught the opposite things -- Do Not Bite People!! And yet I have Foenix, a dog being taught to bite, in my house living as a member of my family, just as my two other dogs do. Is this safe? I will not answer that right now, but hopefully allow anyone caring to read my blog come to their own conclusions.

Part of the equation for a safe child and dog friendly home is the training both the children and dogs get. Another large part of it is the base, natural temperament of the dog. I'm sorry to say that many so-called "child friendly" dogs are really not that friendly, they only tolerate the attention from the little ones. Unfortunately the people watching the interactions are all to ignorant of what is really going on in the dog's mind. And when the dog has been pushed too far and the adults back is turned, even for just a second, terrible things happen. Often resulting in a dogs death and sometimes reconstructive surgery for the child.

On another topic.....

Eric has been going to the chiropractor for a couple weeks now and he's doing somewhat better. The sciatica he's having just needs time to work its self out in a way. Poor Eric is praying for it to be over soon-- it's almost been a month since he's been normal. We are all getting weary of the problem!!

And one more topic change....

I went in for my obstetrician check up yesterday!! Everything is looking good, we have now picked out Hannah's pediatrician and are on the books for our pre-registration at the hospital and tour of the birthing suits. We also picked out which class we are going to. We chose the 8 hour one-time class due to our unpredictable schedules. I'm very excited!! :D

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