Saturday, December 15, 2007


Foenix is starting another bout of Pano as of two days ago. Its affecting his right hind leg, it's very painful at times. He won't put weight on it at all for at least part of the day. For some information on this condition check this out: Pano Information
He's not had any pain for about three weeks so it was time for him to get it again. This time the onset of pain was more rapid than before. One time recently it took a week for the pain to get bad enough that he quit putting weight on the leg. I'm hoping that this bout will pass and he'll be ok for training on Tuesday. Well even if he's still having some trouble we are still going to training for more than one reason. He needs the outlet and I need to go to the club and talk with them a little more. I am contemplating printing out a copy of the conformation email I sent them....still am unsure about that.

Hannah is doing will, lots of kicking and she seems to keep very low in my pelvis all the time. When we had our first ultrasound at 18 weeks she was in the classic head-down position and I was surprised to see that. The Tech told me some babies spend most of the pregnancy in this ready-set-birth position. I've read a lot about birthing, babies and pregnancy lately. It seems most first time mothers get to this place in the pregnancy call "Lightening" where the baby will drop into the pelvis in the birthing position. I've read that this causes eases the breathing and Shortness of Breath and heartburn that horrifies us in the latter weeks (months). But it seems my little over-achiever and stays in that spot most of the time. I did have about two weeks of very bad heartburn but that seems to have passed (knock on wood). But what I do have is lots of trips to the potty with little 'return' for my efforts. I probably go about 15 times a day and usually a couple times a night. And this is not from a UTI or anything like that, just my little darlings' head crushing my pelvic floor and bladder. Lucky me, LOL :)

My stretch marks are getting worse :( but they could be a lot worse than they are so I guess I won't complain too much. I use the Palmers Coco Butter stuff but I truly doubt it does any good. But I like it cause it smells good and feels good rubbing it on. I also put it elsewhere and it does a great job with any chapped skin.

Ok so I'm about to get pretty graphic with some skip this next paragraph if you think might not want to know certain things about my pregnancy.

I mentioned in an earlier post about no leaking from my mammaries. Well I can say now that I know what colostrum looks like!! The other night I started leaking slightly and I was totally grossed out by it. I mean, I've seen horses, goats, dogs, cats, rats, mice, even other mother's do it. But ME? Oh yuck. I can't really say why it bothers me other than it just seems totally animalistic and strange. I look forward to nursing Hannah and will continue to do so as long as I can, maybe even up to one year, but for some reason I was taken back by the leakage. It was embarrassing. But I will tell you, as strange as it was, I now look for it all the time and am also fascinated by what my body is doing without my consent. Hmmm...I'm still getting used to the idea that apart from the conception I really have no part in this pregnancy. I am merely the vessel. It happens with or without my consent. I have no control over it. But I'm glad cause if it were up to me to make my daughter she would be surly be missing some body parts or something because I really could not put the time into planning a healthy child. Thank you God for that!!!

Ok end of 'personal time' and you can read beyond this if you wish....

Note to self..go pick up more prenatal vitamins..

Eric is doing well at work. Today he had a visit were the Auto Center Regional Manager was there watching and observing for the day. It stressed Eric a little, but I know he did a good job. I'm proud of my husband for the hard work he puts into his job even though it is not what he'd like to be doing. Love you honey!! Thanks for hanging in there for us.

Obviously I'm running out of things to say, so I'll end here. Good night! :)


soccermom of 4 said...

Hi Jamie,

I found your blog via "Because I Said So" I think. The dog trainer part of your blog name caught my eye, and I've been coming to read ever since.

One thing about pregnancy that no one ever told me about was how much my back would hurt (be weak) after my twins were born (my first pregnancy experience). Maybe it was a twin pregnancy thing or maybe it was because I never really had good abs before I was pregnant or maybe a combination of both, but I remember trying to stand in front of the sink to do dishes for the first time after they were born, and I was all hunched over like a little old grandma.

My wish is to give you the heads up that no one ever gave me, so you can ask your friends or your doc and, hopefully, it saves you some back pain. No need to have two people in the house with a bad back at the same time(how's hubs' back doing now?).

Looking forward to reading more in the future.


Jamie B said...

Thank you Lesa :) I did have any idea if anyone but family members read my blog.

I plan on talking more about dog training with an emphasis on 'dog and children' issues in the near future. I would like my blog to be helpful to those who are attempting to parent both dogs and skin-kids. Sometimes it's a messy mix.

Thanks alos for the heads up on the back pain. Yes, I do have some, but sounds like not as much as you. Who knows how I'll feel in a few weeks though.