Monday, November 26, 2007

Does this sound familiar? And some other stuff too.

Ok so I just had the conversation with my husband, Eric. As you know he's been down and out for the last few days because on Thanksgiving his back went out. He goes back to work tomorrow. Hes also been on meds for inflammation, pain and muscle spasms. In short he spends most of the day and all of the night sleeping, he gets very loopy and has funny dreams. These meds really affect him, but he needs them to heal.

So tonight he's talking about the long drive he has to make to Tacoma. I say to him, "since you are going out first thing in the morning I think you should only take one of your pain relievers."

He says, "yeah but I want to be able to sleep". Mind you this was at 10PM, only 9 hours before he has to be on the frosty roads, driving for the first time after his back went out several days ago. I was concerned!

I say, "I know you want to be able to sleep and I understand, but I also don't think you should take the maximum dose only 9 hours before you have to drive". And on and on our conversation went. I was getting irritated at his insistence that he would be fine and have no affect of the meds on his driving or staying awake.

He can be so stubborn. About an hour later he tells me he's getting into bed. Before he kisses me goodnight he tells me, "by the way I only took one pain reliever". And smiles at me. I love that man. LOL he's the best.

This is usually how our disagreements work. We rarely have a loud argument and we don't usually get very angry at one anther. With few exceptions we keep our arguments on topic and they get resolved fairly quickly. I had to learn to let things go sometimes, I tend to want something solved right NOW! and do not really give people space naturally. But this strategy works for us. He will do the same thing for me, he says what needs to be said and he leaves it at that....later we usually talk about it. Most of our really complex arguments took place the first three years we were together. I'm sure things will get more complex again as our child and family grows bigger.

One thing I really appreciate about Eric is that he is very stable in his temperament. I'm so glad he is because I've had so many unstable people in my life, especially growing up. Eric has taught me so much about relationships, he's the first person I've ever felt that truly loves me unconditionally. I now know what that feels like and I thank God for it. In turn my learning with Eric has made me a better person, with his love I was able to find out what true forgiveness feels like to give. I could not have done that without a lot of help from God and the influence that Eric has had in my life.

On another topic...

Hannah has found a new favorite place to kick me!! Oh goody, yeah she's kicking me in the hip socket. I actually don't know if that's exactly what's happening. But darn it, does it feel strange and I don't like it! She only does it to one side and only when I'm sitting with my feet up and leaning on the arm of the couch or 0n Eric. Tonight she did it and I cannot begin to say how weird it feels, not exactly painful, but you just don't expect to feel your joints touched from the inside.

Her movements have changed in that she kicks but it's more complex than just a kick. I can feel her whole body involved in the movements. She will now kick and punch at the same time, she also rolls while running some unknown appendage over the inside of my uterus. It's so cool that I can almost picture exactly what she is doing in there at times. She really responds to my position: if I'm in bed on my left side she will kick where my belly meets the bed and at the same time stretch out her arms and move them all over. If I'm sitting proper she will start kicking or punching right under my ribs or directly under my sternum. It's almost like she has a routine she has worked out depending on what I'm doing.


Kristie said...

Yeaaaayyyy....I Love You blogging! You are so good at it! Glad to hear everything is going smoothly with your pregnancy except the minor kick here and there! I need to blog more. Can't wait for the next entry!

Jamie B said...

Thanks Kristie!! I will write some today after I get home from work. Glad to know someone besides myself is reading it. :)

xoxo Jamie