Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tomorrow is Turkey day!! Happy Thanksgiving to all out there. :)

Well today was a good day overall. The only thing wrong with it is Eric is still not home as of now (11PM). He has a new store manager who does not know very much about the Automotive Department (where Eric is the manager) and so he lumps Eric in with all the other Dept. Managers. This new guy also has not been keeping Eric in the loop with relevant things so Eric gets to hear things thru the 'grape vine' that should come directly from the new GM. So right now Eric has been at work for almost 12 hours were most of the other managers have only been there for 7. No wonder Eric can't wait for Hannah to be born so we are not so desperate for the Medical insurance and he can start looking for another job. I will be happy to see him start something new as well.

My very good friend, Julie, and also Feonix's breeder had a nice surprise for me today. She's done with putting Foenix on her website. Foenix will be her next breeding dog for her new females, but only after we get a title on him and his hips and elbows come back from OFA normal. The page looks really, really good and I am very proud of my boy!! You can check out Julie's website and stud dog page here:

You can also check out the training I'm doing with Foenix. As I've said before it's called French Ring Sport and it involves Agility, Protection (bite work) and high-level obedience. Check out the North American Ring Association here:

I've finally finished with my mini cheesecakes that I'm bringing for dessert tomorrow at my Mom and Dad-in-laws house. I like how the new recipes turned out, I just love to cook. The only thing is that I wish that the White Chocolate Ganache had turned out a bit stiffer, because now I'm going to call it a White Chocolate Glaze, LOL!! So I have a batch of Raspberry White Chocolate and a batch of Peaches and Cream cheesecakes. They look very pretty and I tasted both so and they taste as good as they look. Tomorrow I will make my Green Bean Casserole and my Cesar Salad. I can't wait for a big plate of Thanksgiving Dinner.

Hannah has been kicking more today. I will say that I didn't think I was worried that she was not as active, but when I realized I was so happy to feel her being more vigorous I decided that I was concerned about it. In fact, her ears must be burning because she's moving around right now. :D I love her!

Hmmm...notice I said "her" right there? Well that's because that's what she looked like on the ultrasound but really she might still be a "he". Crazier things have happened. If she is a he, his name will be Luke Paul. I've always loved the name Luke and Eric's middle name is Paul so I can't beat that. So Hannah or Paul if you ever read this you will know that either way we were prepared for whoever you turn out to be. And Mommy nor Daddy was disappointed to meet you whether your are a boy or girl. But just for the record...we think you are a girl.

We have much to do with the babies room yet. Eric is going to have to make another phone line going to the guest room because it will have to house the computer and all. It will be a big move to get the now 'computer room' moved over and turn the guest room into the 'guest/media room'. We are also going to paint the room in vertical stripes of butter yellow and china blue. I love that color combo and it goes with the crib set we registered for at Babies-R-Us. :) The room will be the prettiest one in the house!!

That's all for now...I must go clean the kitchen and get ready for Eric to get home. Yay!! My hubby will be home soon. Bye for now.....

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