Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wow! I'm already doing my second post. :)

First order of business...some dog stuff. Today I took my GSD baby, Foenix, to the Vet to get some films of his elbow and hip joints. This is important to check them to make sure they are healthy and normal because of all the hard work I am asking him to do in French Ring. They have a lot of agility and fast bite work they have to perform in order to obtain a title. I was worried that Foenix was not going to keep training because with the German Shepherd breed there is a high incidence of Hip and Elbow Displaysia.

But really good news!! :D His films look very good and I can rest assured that he is healthy and normal for training. I was so excited that I wanted to jump up and down and kiss the Vet-- Eric very nicely told me he's glad I did not act on that impulse, LOL. Foenix's breeder, Julie Marlow of Vom Banach K9, wants to use him in her breeding program when he gets his first titles. So in order to keep her bloodlines as free of displasia as possible we will be doing more films when Feonix turns 24 months old (he's 12 now) and sending them in to OFA or Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. They will certify his hips and elbows with a rating of Excellent, Good, or Fair. I'm hoping for a good solid Good Rating, and think he will get it.

I went shopping for my share of the Thanksgiving Feast Potluck at my In-Laws house today. I am making a Cesar Salad, Green Bean Casserole, and two kinds of individual cheese cakes: White Chocolate Raspberry and Peaches and Cream. They will be small and in cupcake papers and are so pretty for a desert buffet table. Yummy!!

Now for some pregnancy stuff...

Hannah has been less active the last few days. I am not worried though cause she still wiggles, rolls, kicks, and punches her way thru the day. It's just not been the marathon style that she was doing for about a week. I can say it's nice to have a break from that. L :) She now kicks with such force that she will shake my whole belly, not just the area she kicked. As of now it is not painful except when she aims for a couple of places. Those places shall remain nameless, LOL. For the most part I do love to feel her moving, but it started to keep me from falling asleep at times. Oh boy and I have eight more weeks to go. Lucky me. LOL!

I love the fact that I look pregnant. Most women would probably feel differently. I have to say that I'd much rather look pregnant than just plain old fat!! I was overweight prior to learning I was preggers, but was working on loosing the weight. Had joined Curves and was eating very healthy. But I still prefer the pregnant look to being merely fat. But what happens after Hannah is born? I don't quite know yet. I'm hoping breast feeding will slim me down some, that is if I keep eating properly.

As a matter of fact I have a very healthy and balanced base diet. I do not eat fast food, except for very rarely (rarely= once a month). My problem is SUGAR! I feel entitled to deserts and have a hard time saying "no" to them. I can see where my flaws lie. That's a start at least. :shrug:

Another thing is that my boobs are different. My husband can even see the difference, which, is a means they've changed a lot. Here's how I know: Eric didn't notice that I've gained weight until I was a full 25 lbs heavier than when we met!! So in the event he notices something like this it is very noticeable. I have not had any experience in any 'leakage' (eww gross thought) and I'm glad. I hope to just cross that bridge later...much later. I know breast feeding is very normal and all, but I feel a little squeamish about the whole idea. I'm sure I'll get over it, hopefully before Hannah is weaned, hahaha. But in the end my body is changing and for once I have no control over it. Kind of a strange realization....

Well I'm off to bed soon before today turn into tomorrow.

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