Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Memories

I can say with certainty that this Thanksgiving will always be remembered as "unique". You know, unique not as in "wow that's really cool" no. Unique as in "I can't think of another word that would not sound too negative. LOL.

In reality I did have a good time after arriving at my In-Laws home. The food was great, we had a good time visiting with one another and we watched the movie "Hair Spray" which, for a musical was really good. But before dinner was a whole other story. About an hour before Eric and I were to leave with the food and go have dinner with the IL's he was bending over to grab his sweater off the love seat. When out of the blue his back when totally out. He let out a little yelp and I came to see what was wrong. He said his back went out and tried to walk, but he ended up just a couple feet away on his hands and knees. I was worried, knowing Eric is pretty stoic about things like this. I told him to lie on the floor and I would put some Icy-Hot on his lower back to see if that would help. He tried to get up and move to the sofa, but he was in so much pain he could barely walk. The effort of if made him shake all over--I just wanted to cry.

So on the floor he stayed for about 45 minutes while I packed the car and tried to stay optimistic that he could still make it to dinner. Yeah Right!! Ha! I finally came out of La-la land and called my Father in Law and told him I was going to be late and what happened. I helped him to the couch, gave Eric plenty of knee support and also gave him some Hydrococone Acet plus a Flexaril (sp?). Within just about 20 mins he could not keep his eyes open and he drifted off to a painless sleep. Thank God we kept his meds from the last time he hurt his back!!

So off to Thanksgiving Dinner I went without my husband. It was fun and I really enjoyed dinner. The turkey was moist and very delicious, as were all the side dishes equally good. I was stuffed and satisfied. I called Eric frequently and even went back to the house to get something I forgot and heated him ups some dinner: chilli and a jello fruit cup plus a glass of milk. I was not turkey and stuffing and I felt so bad having to give him chilli. :sigh: Oh well it was the best I could do at the time.

My MIL gave us a generous amount of leftovers and that night I heated Eric up a proper Thanksgiving feast and enjoyed watching him savor it. By that time his back had gotten slightly better and he was able to go to the bathroom unassisted. :)

Today we spent most of the day at the ER because he needed more meds. Not to mention that his boss was a total jerk and didn't believe Eric that he was hurt. I will say no more about this as my blood boils every time I think of his snide comments!! :( Eric is doing better still and he won't go back to work until Monday. I get him to myself this weekend. Goody :)

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