Friday, January 4, 2008

Cat Vomit

I can't believe I left this out of the other post. I have to tell you about my cats last night. We usually feed our cats twice a day with dry food. Occasionally we do buy Fancy Feast for them in the small cans and it's treat to them when I give it. So last night I go and give them each a can and they eat it with gusto. Neither of my cats have sensitive stomachs, right? So how do I explain the following??

..I come out of the bathroom, Eric is in the computer room. Foenix comes walking down the hall licking is lips like he's just had something wonderful to eat. Red Flag! So I start looking for what he could have eaten, no food on the counters, check! no poop in the litter boxes, check! garbage can in the cupboard, check! So what was it? I walked into the living room to find next to our coffee table a large splash of orange partially digested canned cat food mess on the floor. Now let me tell you I've never seen anything like this. It literally looked like someone splashed orange chunky paint across an area about two feet by one foot. I just stood there staring at it contemplating how the vomit could have come out of my cat like this. I called Eric and he asked "what is it?" "it's cat food', I said. He just looked at me with the same contemplation on his face. I didn't know cats could have projectile vomit-- now I know better. Thanks a lot for the information, I really needed it.

It looked like the cat was squeezed and popped like a water balloon after eating the food. Eric had pity on me and volunteered to clean it (a minor miracle in itself). But I told him I would do it because he was in the middle of setting up the computer. But this mess cannot be cleaned up with paper towels so I scraped it up the best I could, put an up-side-down clothes basket on it and told Eric that we need to get a carpet cleaner. And today still sits the clothes basket next to the coffee table awaiting that carpet cleaner. The mess is better than it was but I cannot clean it out of where it soaked in to the carpet. Have I mentioned I love my cats? No? Well I'm not about to mention it now either.

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