Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Feeling stressed today...

Today is the day of my baby shower. Earlier today we also had a Dr. appointment were I was swabbed for the Strep B test. That was the easiest moment I've ever had with my feet in the stirrups!! Took about three seconds and then I was done. Loved it. Then Eric and I had lunch and then it was time for our "Stork Express" tour were we go into the hospital and pre-register for the labor and delivery.

My sister who swore up and down that she was going to come to my Shower called this morning and told left a message on the machine saying that she will not be attending the shower after all. Now this is par for the course with my family sometimes, unfortunately. I would not have thought much of it except that she was the one who said she "would not miss it". So I was really excited she was coming as she does not get over to our area much. So I am pretty disappointed by it.

When we went to our Stork Express appointment I was so excited to see the delivery suits and hear all about the hospital. But it turned out to be very stressful for me and I did not enjoy it at all. I was told about all these archaic policies about labor that they have and I was not too happy to hear about them. I really wanted a labor where I could move around and be in a natural position for birthing Hannah, but it seems some of the Doctors will make you be in stirrups and you don't get a say in what position you are in. Top that off with the 'mandatory' pitocin after you deliver to get the uterus back to normal and I was in knots by the time we left. When I started asking questions to the Labor and Delivery Nurse, who was in charge of our intake, could see I was concerned about all the crap they have as policy and she just plain told me that this hospital has "more of a Medical Model for childbirth." I said "yes I can see that". So I will have to write down all my concerns I have and speak with my Dr. about it and if they will not be flexible with policy Eric and I decided we will go to the next closest hospital that does not have so many of these 'policies'.

Eric did make me feel better though because in the end we have say on what we will or will not take and they cannot force anything on us. But the truth is I'd rather have a hospital staff that will work with me and not against me, because that will just make me more nervous and can make labor harder and longer if you cannot relax, at least be as relaxed as possible considering the fact that you are in labor. So right now I have to process all of it and I will be ok. I'm still a little too emotional over it and by tomorrow I will be much more calm. Eric and I are going to go over the concerns we have and talk to our Dr. next week and decide where to go with it then.

One kinda exciting thing is that I've had some bloody mucus and I think that means my cervix are changing. So who knows what will happen....

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