Friday, January 4, 2008

Just stuff...

I am so excited about my baby showers coming up. The church is having one for us on the 15th, then my sister Lori and her friend, Lori are going to plan one together for next month. After thinking about showers for the last few days I've realized what terrible timing Hannah has. How dare she get conceived when she did and the nerve of having a due date so soon after the Holidays!! Ha Ha just joking of course. But really the timing could have been better....but now that I think about it...didn't I say in a previous post that God's timing is always perfect? So yeah I have to remind myself of that at times. :)

We've registered at Babies R Us and I am going down to Gig Harbor to register at Target as well. I have a bad cold so I've not been doing much of anything the last few days. I was supposed to have gone to Target three days ago, but just have not had the energy to do so. Babies R Us is pretty spendy on somethings, but when you look at most of the items they sell I can chalk it up to shopping at Safeway versus Fred Meyer. Both are good grocery stores but Safeway has lower prices and sacrifices selection for it. Fred Meyer has slightly higher prices but the selection is far better and I end up saving time because I usually only have one place to shop. It was so much fun doing our registry, Eric and I went together. Eric is a good shopper, far better than I (except for grocery shopping, he can never stay in a budget there). I always have fun with my husband, I think that's why I don't feel like we could have possibly known each other for 6 years!!! The time has flown by so fast. We are always laughing and at each other so it keeps things light and fun. Eric says that we could be rich selling the funny things we come up with together, I don't know that anyone else would thing they are funny but it's a nice thought.

I have a cold right now. It's not really that bad over all but I was kept up till almost 5 am the other night coughing. So I've not been to my part time job for a couple days now and feel bad about it, I have missing work. But I dont want to pass the virus around so home is where I stayed. Being sick and pregnant is much more of a pain-in-the-neck than just plain being sick. I have to call my Dr. office to ask what is safe to take then wait for a call back. Then hear a lecture from the consulting nurse on why I have not gone to see the Dr. since the cough was so bad. Well its is only a cough I told her. But she told me that if the cough stays that bad or gets worse that I am to go see my regular practitioner. But thank goodness it seems to be moving along it's course and I'm sure I'll be fine in a couple more days.

Eric's back seems to be doing much better the last few days. Hes stayed off our couch and that is making a big difference. I called on of my friends who is a LMP to come and do some therapy messages for him but she has not called me back....have to call her again.

I guess that's all the rambling I can thing of for now...

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