Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our New Year so far...

Today we got up in time to go train at the Club. We got there about 11AM hoping the snow would have started to melt off the field. No such luck. It was cold but at least it was dry, which is more important to me. I don't mind the snow at all, but all the ice was hard to walk on and everyone was "lending a hand" to me so I would not fall and injure Hannah. Yeah, no one wanted the baby harmed. But I'm finding it's ok it I am bumped about, just don't hurt the baby. LOL. Really just being sarcastic. I'm sure it's just a taste to come....I don't know of one Mother who doesn't feel the spot light blink off of them as soon as the baby is born. I know of at least one Mother who was really bothered by this at first. But as with most things God has a plan even there because you eventually get to the point that you love to have someone else take the kid, and you get some peace when needed. :)

Training went well, though the teenager/brat reared his ugly head and I was frustrated. His heeling, which has always been above average was truly terrible. Ask Foenix for some eye contact and he didn't seem to know what I wanted. Sit? What's that? Down? Ok I can do that, then go into a sit before you ask. The session ended really well and I was proud of him for his awesome bitework-- he really needed the good workout. I have to remind my self of my Teenager Rules and remember that this too shall pass. But, God, if you want to...can you make it pass quickly?? :)

I need to work more on his focus and also his sensitivity to everything. He's just a little raw nerved right now and I hope he gets back to his more normal self soon. I can handle the lack of focus in training, but it's hard to see him so worried about normal things. I know he'll either get used to it or just one day he'll be less insecure and more tough--but how tough is the question? I want him to be a strong dog but I don't want a dog that challenges me all the way, so I will be watching and making sure our relationship stays with me in the driver's seat and he knows there is no chance of that changing. Especially with the baby coming I need to remind him a lot that Eric and I are the final answer.

Baby stuff....

Woe to me. My stretch marks are getting worse everyday suddenly. They itch and are so ugly. I'll never wear a bikini again. Not that I've worn one recently, but you know...you always dream of wearing one again. And when I tell people this they tell me that it is worth it. Hmmmm...I will leave comment of that for later. I was at a training appointment with a client the other day and my shirt crept up a few times, not far, but over my belly a little. I know my stretch marks were visible and I was mortified when I realized it. But you know what? My lovely husband does not seem to be turned off by them in the least. Yeah they don't look great to him, but he just reminds me it's part of becoming a Mother and he takes it in typical stride. He's wonderful and has never made me feel bad about the way I look. I wish more men were like him because women as a whole would have a much better opinion of Men if they were more like my husband. I don't deserve him, but I'll take the gift and not look him in the mouth!!

I'm either getting sick or just have a chest cold. It has not decided yet what to do with me. I woke up with check congestion and not feeling well. Thru the day it's gotten worse, but not really bad. No fever, no diarrhea or anything like that. So I pray it does not get much worse because I cannot take much medicine for it being pregnant. Geez I'm not even supposed to drink caffinated beverages let alone a flu/cold medicine. But she's worth it. :D

Hannah is still moving a lot, very strongly. She woke me up this morning with a few good kicks. I found myself smiling when I woke up.

Eric's back...

It's slowly getting better. No chiropractor today because it was closed. He's regularly stretching because that helps better than anything. But if I was the one to tell him that he would not do it. So I'm glad I also kept my mouth shut when it came to him sitting like a slouch on our couch. The chiropractor asked him about it last week. Eric came home telling me he needed to stop sitting like that on the couch and that he needed to be stretching and sitting with better posture. Really?? Wow Eric, whooda thought that would help? He heee.

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