Thursday, January 10, 2008

More baby stuff

Well I am getting ready for my baby showers. We are having a 'church' baby shower coming up on Tuesday night. I'm very, very excited!! Tuesday will be a very busy day for Eric and I. We have a Dr. appointment for Hannah in the morning, then in the afternoon we will go to take a tour of the hospital women's wing where our daughter will be born and we are also pre-registering for the birth day. Then the shower that evening. Wow so many positive things going on in one day!! :) One sad note about my baby showers is that my sister-in-law, Kristie, will not be attending. Kristie lives in New Zealand with her husband Scott. They got married this spring and I miss Kristie a lot. So she will be missed, maybe I'll send her a piece of cake? How about it Kristie, would you like me to? Ha ha.

Next will come my side of the family's baby shower thrown by my sister Lori. I am excited about that one too because I will get to see some people I don't get to see very often-- and it will be so much fun as well. My Mom will not be attending my church baby shower so she'll be there for this next one. I am sending the invitations myself for this shower just so my sister has a little less to do as I have most of the addresses with me anyway. I just got them filled out tonight as we were watching E.R., one of my favorite shows. It's funny how I can just listen to the show and not need to watch it...I think I do that a lot because I will recognize some commercials on TV only by sound and when I actually see them I am surprised it's all new except the dialog.

I continue to be uncomfortable, but I'm still ok. You's not horrible. We got a phone call this evening from one lady we know from church and she was asking how to spell Hannah's name. She was on speaker phone so I could hear her and she asked Eric how I was and he said I'm fine but getting uncomfortable. She said that she enjoyed her pregnancy but some women don't. Well it's not that I don't like being pregnant, but I don't like being uncomfortable. Why does the fact I'm uncomfortable say I don't like being pregnant? I think that most women forget how uncomfortable they are and just remember the fun of pregnancy. I will too probably. I hope I forget what labor is like or I may not want any more kids after Hannah.

By the way. I am officially going to try and have a non-medicated birth. I do not want an epidural or anything else. I want to be able to move about my room and lean on Eric to coach me and my Mother to know how to coach Eric too. Now don't get me wrong!! I am not against drugs for labor, and I am leaving the option open for them. But, if possible, I won't use them. Just a choice I'm free to make on my own. I also do not want to be in bed for the delivery either or at least on my back-- I won't lay on my back to deliver her at all. I'll be on my side, standing, squatting or in a sitting up position. I've read a lot on this and even talked to my OB-GYN about it and she tells me that I can pretty much do what I want as long as I'm not hooked up to an epidural line or something like that.

I've been obsessively watching birthing vids on Youtube and I think I like what I see in the non-medicated births. Also I am not making these types of decisions without lots of thought and I've even been with two of my sisters as they gave birth and both had epidurals. So it's not like I don't' know what they are or how they applied.

I've been really moody the last few days. It seems like I can be in a great mood on minute and then for some reason I am feeling stressed or mad the next. No one has to do anything to me to change my mood either, it just kinda flows in and out. I don't know what to do except to pray when I'm feeling this way so I don't snap at everyone. I hope it passes soon.

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