Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Another Blog Post :)

I have noooo idea what to blog about today.  This might be one of my worse blog entries, we'll see how this goes.

I am all alone in my house, that is a miracle that doesn't happen that often.  Since Hannah is in preschool I guess it happens about twice a week, sometimes less, but never more.  Eric is home taking his last few days of vacation before the-powers-that-be start a new vacation accruing year and the time starts over.  You'd think that would happen on January 1st, but it doesn't in large companies.  I have no idea why.

Hubby has been home with me for several days and we are really enjoying our time together.  He is happy and so are Hannah and I.  Last night she asked if she could sleep with us.  This is the first time this has ever come up.  Part of me was thinking, "yay!! I'd love to have your little warm body next to me all night, being able to smell you and snuggle you. It would be soooo fun to wake up to you."  And part of me was like, "Heck NO!  between your father snoring and you kicking me I wouldn't get a second of real sleep."  When I told Hannah to ask Eric he dutifully told her "no".  But the part of me that wanted her to sleep with us was stronger than the other part and I was a touch disappointed with his answer. 

I really want to be eating something very very spicy and a touch sweet right now.  The thought of Thai food makes me mouth water so much I think I might need to wear a bib.

Speaking of food, I am considering adding a separate tab just to blog about my cooking and my recipes.  I recently made Hummus for the first time, home made and it was the best I have ever had!!  I didn't have fresh parsley to add to it, but I had dried.  My dilemma was that dried parsley doesn't taste anything like fresh....however...I did have dried basil, which, if used sparingly, is a pretty close scent and flavor to fresh parsley.  So I ended up putting a little dried parsley and basil (just a touch though) and also modified the recipe by adding some fresh lemon zest. -- I am a certified lemon-holic!!! -- Much to my delight I loved it.  Everyone at the potluck seemed to love it too.  The entire thing was gone by the end of the evening.  It was a tad heavy on the garlic though, but honestly it grew on me.  I think I might use less next time and compare notes.

Cooking is a hobby for me and I really love it.  Sometimes I get sick of it because it is such an every day thing.  But I can keep myself interested by trying new recipes or changing old ones.

I also have a surprise blog entry that won't be ready for a while, it will be a running commentary over the next couple weeks.  It will be kinda like a more specific blow-by-blow, thought-by-thought kind of thing.  Stay tuned for that :)

P.S. Spellcheck makes me laugh. I just love some of the suggested words they have on here.  It dinged me on "holic" after the word lemon.  And the list of suggested words for holic were: colic, Hollie, hoick (what is that??), holli, and helix. *laugh my butt off*

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