Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today in Jamie Land

I am listening to Eric and Hannah play My Little Ponies together.  Eric is so wonderful with her and to her.  She eats up his play time and talks about it the next day.  They are so in love. ♥

I have been reading some other Blogs the last few days.  One trend I enjoy is the "Currently" thing where you have a list of things you are currently seeing/hearing/thinking/feeling/hoping, ect.  I am considering doing this too, though, to be honest I would feel just like a "follower" so I hesitate.  I never liked that feeling, unless I know exactly where I am being led.  Which makes me think about the less-than-glorious aspects of who I am.  Next topic. ;)

I went back on Metformin tonight. I am starting out on 500 mg./ day for the next seven days.  If you care to know what this drug does see here: Metformin and PCOS .  I am going to lose weight fairly easily on this drug as it controls my Insulin Resistance and High Testosterone issues.  Metformin also blocks a percentage of carbohydrates from going from my digestive system to my blood system.  One of the side effects is it makes you (me) sick as a dog while my body gets used to there is another way I will lose weight -- I won't be over eating at all.

After seven days on 500 mg./day I will up to 500 mg. BID, a week after that I'll take two 500 mg. once a day and then one 500 mg. 12 hours later.  Then, yep you guessed it, I go on two 500 mg. twice daily.

>> One note here: The last time I was on this drug was the same month I got pregnant.  I don't know if it was a contributing factor or not.  I got this Rx on the 19th of May and found out I was pregnant on May 31st.  I don't know if it will work that quickly, I have a feeling it doesn't, seeing how I was still on the lower doses when I got pregnant. We'll see though.

I have been feeling very, very crampy today.  Ovaries and uterus giving me fits.  I have no clue if this is a sign of impending ovulation or just cysts that are gracing me with their presence.  It could be both.  I DO know that it hurts and I say to myself, "Oh my ovaries!!"  It hurts.  Since I have trying so hard to get pregnant I am resisting most medications I would normally be ok with taking. I hesitate to take ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or allergy tabs.  This afternoon after sneezing 5 times in about two minutes I did take a Claritin. It helped a lot.

I started taking pictures of my OPK (ovulation predictors).  I think that this is cycle day 14 for me and I took a test with my first morning urine and then again after a 4 hour bathroom fast.  I will post pictures of my cycle in urine sticks when my cycle ends so that you all can see what I am looking and and looking for.  Aren't you excited?? I know you are LOL.

Its 8:05 PM on a crispy North West night.  Hannah is now watching Wonder Pets behind me and giggling.  Eric is in the shower.  I feel good.  I love my family so much, Eric, Hannah and those that extend far, blood relative or not.


Renae said...

Good luck starting up the met again. It can def help egg quality in PCOS because of the assistance in insulin control. FX for you!

Jamie B said...

Thanks Renae :) I am taking it at night to reduce the duration I have to deal with the digestive issues it gives. I am hoping that if I am sleeping a lot of the misery will be unnoticed LOL. We'll see how it works!