Saturday, January 14, 2012

Intervention Needed

I have an addiction, it is a very hard thing to admit. 

*stands up*

"Hello, my name is Jamie B. and I am addicted to peeing in a cup, then testing it for anything related to getting pregnant."

*sits down*

Anyone nodding their heads in understanding?  Anyone laughing? Good, you're supposed to.  However this is really a serious thing for me.  Eric told me tonight that I am a bonafied testing addict.

I tested today.  And got a test line visible, but I am not sure if it is a positive or an evaporation line.  Evap lines are really common and I have had them before...but this line does look a bit different to me.  We shall see tomorrow.  I got some of the good tests -- as I type that I picture myself telling you that in a dark alley with shifty eyes.  All drug dealer-ish.  These are the highest rated tests on the market. No Internet cheapies this time.  And I will take one tomorrow morning.

Here's where I have made strides in my addiction.  While purchasing "the goods", I decided I needed some help.  Like I told Eric tonight -- I have NO self control, if there is a test in the house I have to take it.  It's bad!!  Not only am I wasting money, but I am just setting myself up for failure by testing too early.  It is a roller-coaster of emotions, and more often than not, I just end up wanting to cry when I finally get Aunt Flo.  It is very difficult to feel like you're doing everything right, only to have a negative outcome month, after month, after month, after month......

So my decision is this: After tomorrows test I have asked Eric to hide the rest.  I will not go looking for them.  I know this because he always tells me where he puts my holiday/birthday gifts and I have never looked at them.  But if I know they are unavailable I will be able to focus on other things.  I will be free.

It is pretty pathetic that at 32 years old I cannot control my lust for peeing in a cup.  So I resort to this step of self-intervention...*sigh*

I will let you know how the test comes out in the morning some time. :)

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jacquelyn said...

I had that addiction one time too! (: looking forward to hearing about it in the morning!
also, I have that addiction with cookies.. justin has to hide them in the house somewhere and I promise not to beg him for them. (: