Saturday, January 7, 2012

Postive Signs and Stuff

Diving right into the most exciting part of my day (so far..).  I got a positive on my Ovulation Predictor today (OPK).  I wasn't sure so I posted a couple of pictures on my Facebook hoping that some of my TTC and in-the-know friends would be able to tell me if I was looking at a positive.  The top OPK is from my first morning urine from yesterday, cycle day 15. The middle one is from my 3pm test.  Both are negative.  But the last one is from this morning's FMU and the test line showed up before the control line LOL.  It is positive for ovulation!!!  That means in the next 12-48 hours I should be ovulating.

This isn't the first cycle I have tried these tests.  I tried the first year we were TTCing.  I don't know if I ever got a positive or not, but I have one murky memory of thinking I did.  Of course I didn't get pregnant because of my Stud Muffin's little drug.  Moving on before a rant over takes me....

So I guess we shall see if I am pregnant in about 12 days.  I will count tomorrow as my ovulation date to be on the safe side and I will take my test about ten days later.

The Metformin seems to be working, or at least I am responding to it in the obvious ways I was before.  My stomach has been slightly unhappy since yesterday morning.  Then it was slightly more unhappy this morning.  Both mornings have required a sudden trip the the bathroom.  You guess what happened.  I will say, on a positive note, that I made the right choice by taking it at night because I am not quite as sick on this as I was.  But next week when I start the 500mg. BID I might be complaining to beat the band.  Wait, not, I won't be "might", no I WILL be.  I know it, you know it too.

I am still having a good rush of energy and I continue getting my house in order.  Today my goal was to finish Hannah's room project.  That has included putting in her new bookshelf, cleaning out her closet and organizing her clothes that fit and don't fit.  Taking all clothing out of her dresser and putting anything away that doesn't fit.  I am almost finished.

We have a birthday party to go to this afternoon.  I have to go and get a card for the little boy, that means I don't have to cook dinner.  This will be a FFYS dinner tonight for Eric (Fend For Yourself). LOL I am happy!

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