Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Decisions for Fertility

Eric and I had a talk the next day after my last entry.  Was that only day before yesterday?  Probably LOL.  Anyway, we had a very good discussion.

I first told him that we have some decisions to make, one of which being how long do we try on our own before going to "the next step".  He said 4 months, I was thinking more like 3.  So we compromised at 3 with the option of waiting one more month if we feel it would be beneficial. 
I explained to him what I will be doing to assist us in the best possible ways.  First I will be doing LH (Lutenizing Hormone) testing aka: Ovulation Predictor Kit, aka OPK.  LH is the hormone that your body produces in a surge in the 48-24 hours prior to ovulation.  They are cheap tests, I got 20 of them today for about $17.00. I can get them cheaper over the internet and I will probably go that route next month if it is needed.  Obviously when you have a positive LH surge on the test you will then "baby dance" (I cringe saying that phrase, it is the TTCer's lingo) on those next couple of days hoping to cover your ovulation.  I have actually used this test before, except it was inconclusive.  I actually don't think I ovulated that month and the month I was sure I got a positive Eric was still on that blasted anti-sperm drug!

In addition to the OPK I am going on Evening Primrose Oil again this month, I had been on it last month.  EPO is supposed to make your Cervical Mucus, or CM for short, more favorable for sperm and more abundant.  I have seen it working for me, at least in the abundance area.  The issue with this month is with all the stuff surrounding the Holidays I forgot to start taking it on time.  Usually I start on cycle day 5-7 and keep taking 1000mg of it until I am sure I am not ovulating.  Well..as sure as I can be with PCOS.  I am also taking a Prenatal Vitamin and Vitamin B.

I have cut down on my caffeine intake now.  I am slowly weaning myself off of one cup of coffee or tea a day down to only a half cup for the past two days.

I am starting on a better diet.  For me a better diet means pretty much one thing: I stop eating refined carbohydrates of sugar, white flour, ect.  My diet is actually very healthy otherwise.  Sugar is my downfall.  With my PCOS I have high insulin which makes me crave sugar in a very, VERY bad way.  But I can control it, and I have successfully done so in the past.  My diet is otherwise more healthy than average.  No or minimal fast food (we cannot really afford it anyway) and a lot of from-scratch cooking pretty much everything.  I am conservative with salt and use, nearly exclusively, fresh ingredients in my cooking.  We eat a lot of fresh veggies, lean meats, low fat dairy products and all of our store-bought bread is 100% whole wheat, as are most of our cereals, we eat brown rice and whole grain pasta.

Lets see what else?  I am starting to exercises again, I had been doing P90X Insanity (thank you Kay Sully!!) pretty well for a couple of weeks. But then I had to have surgery and never picked it back up.  I am starting to walk every day again.  I was supposed to start today but I forgot. Ugh!  I will start Insanity back up again after a couple of weeks of walking. I really need to start out slowly so I don't burn out.  My goal for weight loss is 15 pounds.  I have more to lose but I wanted to set a realistic and not-so-daunting goal.

I asked Eric if he would start taking his Fish Oil, which I read makes things "down there" more productive and/or better quality.  So he's taking 1000mg of high-quality fish oils a day.  Oh. And the funny part. Along with his fish oils yesterday I gave him on of my over-the-counter Prenatals. He asked me what it was and I told him.  He wasn't happy LOL!!!  He took it after I said it wouldn't do anything to him, but he only took it reluctantly.  He was still questioning me this morning.  *giggle* as if HE will get pregnant from taking them or something.

I feel really tired right now.  It is 8:10 PM and I've been awake since 7:30 AM.  I got a lot of stuff done today.  I have earned this night's rest.  Nite nite everyone. :)


Renae said...

Sounds like you have a plan in place! Fx for you! xo

Jamie B said...

Thank you! I hope it works. Otherwise it will come down to Clomid and IUI I think

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are doing everything right. I will start praying again.